Standards of Selected Chemical Skills of Primary School Pupils and Grammar School Students

Page: 897

H. Čtrnáctováa, H. Cídlováb, E. Trnováb, A. Bayerováa, and G. Kuběnováb

a Department of Teaching and Didactics of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Charles University, Prague, b Department of Physics, Chemistry and Professional Education, Pedagogical Faculty, Masaryk University, Brno


At present the problems of attractivity and adequacy of school education in natural science is discussed in many countries. In the Czech Republic curriculum changes continued in 2005–2010, which enabled the schools to form their own educational programs. In the frame of a research project, tests were designed for conducting a survey of general and specific chemical skills of pupils in the last year of primary schools and of students in the last but one year of grammar schools.


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