Application of Nickel and Nanonickel in Terrestrial Environment

Page: 885

H. Palkováa, T. Sovováa, I. Koníčkováa, V. Kočía, V. Bartůněkb, and Z. Soferb

a Department of Environmental Chemistry, b Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Institute of Chemical Technology Prague


Nanomaterials have been extensively used almost in all sectors of human activities. We used powdery Ni, nanonickel as well as real samples containing Ni for testing and comparison. Toxicities of the first two forms of Ni were tested in three organisms – in worms (Enchytraeus crypticus), springtails (Folsomia candida) and lettuce seeds (Lactuca sativa). The main aim was a comparison of the impacts of the Ni metal in different forms and different particle composition and thus with different features. This study should decide to approach nanomaterials in the same way as their macroscopic equivalents or whether it is appropriate to pay more attention to these chemicals not only in ecotoxicology and environmental impacts.


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