Controlling Phase Structure of Polymer Blends: Potentials and Problems

Page: 791

I. Fortelný

Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague


The review summarizes the present state of the art in the field of phase structure evolution in immiscible polymer blends. Advantages and disadvantages of available methods of polymer blend preparation are discussed. The existing knowledge and open questions about relations between a type of the phase structure and the blend composition, properties of its components and flow conditions are described. It is shown that the droplet size in the minor phase in flowing polymer blends is controlled by competition of their breakup and coalescence. Progress in the description of the two processes is described and the associated problems are discussed. The mechanisms of phase structure evolution in annealed and cooled immiscible polymer blends are elucidated. The effect of a compatibi¬lizer on the phase structure evolution in polymer blends is discussed and the present state of knowledge and problems are summarized.


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