Evaluation of Leaching Procedures for Zn, Cd, Pb, Cr from Fine Metallurgical Sludges

Page: 773

R. Gabora and J. Seidlerováb

a VÚHŽ Co., b Nanotechnology Centre, Faculty of Mining, Technical University, Ostrava


The current assessment of waste hazard is based on the leachability test and determining factors according to the current legislation. To consider the mobility and potential bioavailability TCLP (Toxicity characteristic leaching procedure ) procedures according to the U.S. EPA and the sequential extraction according to Tessier and Kersten have been used. It was shown that the current assessment method, based just on the determination of the total concentration of the leached metals in the aqueous extract, does not give information on bioavailable forms. The final evaluation of metallurgical waste, based on sequential extraction, suggests the necessity of stora¬ging this waste in hazardous-waste landfills.


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