A Review of Hydrometallurgical Technologies for the Recovery of Zn and Mn from Spent Alkaline and Zinc Batteries

Page: 350

J. Formáneka, J. Jandováa, and J. Sísb

a Department of Metals and Corrosion Engineering, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague; b State Research Institute of Materials, Prague


The aim of the study is to review hydrometallurgical and partly pyrometallurgical technologies of the Zn and Mn recovery from spent Zn/MnO2 batteries. Main attention was devoted to basic hydrometallurgical operations such as leaching, precipitation, solvent extraction and electrolysis, which are described in patents and literature. Compared with pyrometallurgical processes, hydrometallurgy is a well-established and efficient method for the recovery of not only Zn and Mn but also other battery components such as steel, plastics and paper.


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