In Situ Monitoring of Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenation of Imines Using NMR Spectrometry

Page: 206

J. Václavíka, J. Pecháčeka, J. Přecha, M. Kuzmab, P. Kačera, and L. Červenýa

a Department of Organic Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, b Institute of Microbiology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague


Three methods for determination of enantioselectivity of asymmetric transfer hydrogenation of imines are presented: direct NMR observation of diastereomeric reduction products of a chiral imine, chiral solvation with Pirkle’s alcohol, (-)-(1R)-1-(9-anthryl)-2,2,2-trifluoroethan-1-ol and precolumn derivatization with (-)-(1R)-menthyl chloroformate followed by GC analysis on a non-chiral column of the resulting diastereomeric carbamates.


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