Films Based on Binaphthol Derivatives: Electrochemical Polymerization and Characterization

Page: 122

T. V. Shishkanova, G. Broncová, T. Majdloch, and P. Matějka

Department of Analytical Chemistry, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague


Polymer films substituted with an appropriate receptor units represent a way leading to novel materials for a sensor development. Synthesis and characterization of solid-supported polymer and copolymer films based on a pyrrole-substituted binaphthalene amide (BNA). BNA was prepared by electropolymerization. The films were characterized by potentiometry and FT-Raman spectrometry. They showed a distinct potentiometric response to anions (F–, SO4, Cl–). The potentiometric sensitivity of copolymer films depended on the BNA/pyrrole ratio in the polymerization and time of polymerization. The potentio¬metric results indicate the special role of the NH group during formation of the anionic potentiometric signal.


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