Possibilities of Preparation of Materials Based on Clay – Humic Acids

Page: 1140

M. Muchaa, J. Pavlovskýa, L. Herecováb, D. Míčekb, and H. Věžníkovác

a Department of Analytical Chemistry and Materials Testing, Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, b Department of Fire Protection and Civil Protection, c Department of Safety Management, Faculty of Safety Engineering, VŠB-Technical University, Ostrava


This paper deals with sorption of humic acids (HA) in the form of Na- or Ca- salt on the clay minerals (SWy-2, SAz-1 and vermiculite) and on the 2 foundry clays (trade names Sabenil C30, partially natrified montmorillonitic (MMT) bentonite and Bentonit 75, Ca form MMT bento¬nite). The clay based materials were prepared by saturation of clays by HA solution and then by washing steps. The amount of HA in the solutions after sorption was determined by UV-VIS spectroscopy. The stable deposition of HA was observed only on clay minerals (for example max. 17.33 mg of HA/g of SWy-2 clay or 15.31 mg of HA/g of vermiculite). Potential partial intercalation via Ca2+ ions was observed on the SWy-2 clay (increase of basal diffraction).


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