The Effect of Expanded Structure on Electric Properties of Polymer Composites with Electroconductive Fillers

Page: 1104

M. Pelíšková and P. Sáha

Centre of Polymer Systems, Faculty of Technology, Tomas Bata University, Zlín


The review deals with the possibility to affect electrical properties of polymer composites by creation of hete¬rogeneous segregated structures. It mainly focuses on the effect of foaming on structure and electrical properties of polymer composites with electroconductive fillers, and their mutual interconnections. It was demonstrated that the formation of porous structure may have a positive impact on the resulting electrical properties, especially on the percolation threshold. In addition, compared to unfilled foamed composites, filling the polymer matrix with electroconductive fillers is associated with the reinforcing effect and the new utility value, electrical conductivity. The possibility to influence conductivity and other physical parameters by the amount and type of filler together with the level and method of composite foaming provides unique opportunity to design materials with the physical parameters adapted to desired application.


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