The Importance of Hop Prenylflavonids for Human Health

Page: 1095

M. Karabín, T. Hudcová, L. Jelínek, and P. Dostálek

Department of Biotechnology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague


In recent years, a growing interest in health-promoting effects of hop constituents has been observesd. Xanthohumol is a hop prenylated chalcone, which shows a wide range of biological activities such as antioxidant, anticancerogenic, antimicrobial and estrogenic. Most inte¬resting findings obtained with xanthohumol and other prenylated hop flavonoids in preclinical and clinical stu¬dies are summarized. The review is primarily focused on the effects on human health. Biosynthesis of prenylated flavonoids in plants and their biotransformations in humans are also mentioned.


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