Chlorinated Oxidants in Waste Water Treatment by Indirect Electro¬oxidation

Page: 1054

L. Dušek, B. Vystrčilová, and L. Novotný

University of Pardubice, Department of Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice, Pardubice


The review describes the history and importance of water disinfection, using chlorine gas and chlorinated compounds, in particular those based on hypochlorites and ClO2. It lists pros and cons of the substances and technologies, both in the relation to their desired biocide effects and to the formation of chlorinated hydrocarbons, chlorophenols and other undesirable compounds. The review also deals with the potential of electrochemical technologies for treatment of chloride-containing water, which are based on electrooxidation of Cl– to Cl2. It also describes relations and quantitative relationships between the efficiency and energy requirement on the one hand and performance or other parameters (including chemical oxygen demand) on the other.


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