Emission Rotational Spectroscopy of Gases in the Decimeter Spectral Region as a Powerful Tool for Conformational Analysis of Complex Molecules

Page: 945

P. Kaniaa, T. Studeckýa, P. Černýb, and Š. Urbana

a Department of Analytical Chemistry, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, b Department of Electromagnetic Field, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University, Prague


High resolution FT rotational spectroscopy of gases in the decimeter spectral region with a heterodyne detection system, that uses the Fabry-Perot resonator and supersonic jet for the maximal sensitivity and resolving power, is introduced as a unique tool for the conformational analysis of complex molecules. The paper describes technical spe¬cifications of the new FTMW spectrometer recently built up at the Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague.


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