Nanostructuring of Polymer Surface Stimulated by Laser Beam for Electronics and Tissue Engineering

Page: 875

P. Slepička, J. Siegel, O. Lyutakov, and V. Švorčík

Department of Solid State Engineering, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague


Two approaches to polymer surface nanostructuring by laser beam are discussed: (i) exposure of surface to a polarized excimer laser beam and (ii) scanning of doped polymer surface by a semiconductor laser. The effect of laser fluence, the angle of incident laser beam and its wavelength on the nanostructure formation is described. Nanostructured polymers are used as substrates for deposition of Au nanolayers and biocompatibility studies. The properties of deposited Au nanolayers are significantly influenced by surface structure and chemical nature of the used substrate. Polymer films doped with porphyrin were irradiated with laser and simultaneously mechanically scanned. By combination of these two techniques a regular periodic pattern was formed. The structural properties depend on scanning rate and laser intensity. Nanostructured polymer surfaces are promising substrates in electronics, optics and tissue engineering.


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