Thermal Oxidation of Carbon Monoxide in Flue Gas

Page: 546

M. Hartman, O. Trnka, and V. Veselý

Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague


An ideal mixed-flow model was developed for the high-temperature oxidation of carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide in an afterburner chamber. The extent of the oxidation with flue gas containing oxygen and water vapor was investigated as a function of the relative throughput, gas density, and total reaction rate. Steady-state measurements of CO, O2, CO2, and water concentrations were conducted in a pilot-plant refractory afterburner fitted with a natural gas burner. The total burnout reaction is assumed to be first-order in carbon monoxide and of the orders 0.5 for oxygen and water vapor. The numerical solutions of the model equations outline the potentials and limitations of the performance of a well-mixed afterburner chamber (reactor) under realistic operation conditions.


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