Utilization of Stir Bar Sorption Extraction in Analysis of Some Beer Flavours and Its Comparison with Established Procedures

Page: 488

T. Horák, J. Čulík, M. Jurková, P. Čejka, J. Dvořák, D. Hašková, and V. Kellner

Research Institute of Brewing and Malting, Prague


For the determination of beer flavours well-established methods require sample preparation by distillation, liquid-liquid extraction or headspace methods. In the past years, microextraction methods became popular. The stir bar sorption extraction (SBSE) is one of them. This article presents utilization of SBSE followed by solvent re-extraction in the determination of some esters and β-diketones in beer. The parameters (linearity, accuracy and repeatability) and also the determination of compounds of interest by SBSE are compared with steam distillation followed by liquid-liquid extraction, usually used for beer ester analysis, and the headspace technique used for β-diketones.


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