Objective Bread Crumb Assessment By Image Analysis

Page: 482

I. Šveca, M. Hruškováa, M. Krpálková, and M. Kostelanskáb

a Department of Carbohydrate Chemistry and Technology, b Department of Food Chemistry and Analysis, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague


Image analysis was used for assessment of both the production year and bread formula fortification effects on bread crumb structure. The article shows that changes in bread baking and crumb morphology were smaller than those caused by microcomponent addition. However, the milk components and baking improvers added at three levels (1, 2 or 3 % relative to flour) act in fermented dough by different mechanisms – a soft decrease and a significant increase, respectively, resulted in the final bakery product quality. Wheat flour substitution by 10 % of flour from non-traditional cereals did not affect affect the bread and crumb profiles compared with standard flour. The measured differences were statistically confirmed by the principal component analysis.


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