Development of Detection Tubes for Chemical Warfare Agents in the Czech Republic

Page: 334

V. Pitschmanna, E. Halámekb, Z. Koblihab, and I. Tušarováa

a Oritest Ltd, Praha, b NBC Defence Institute, University of Defence, Brno


The article describes the history and current importance of detection tubes for detection of chemical warfare agents, with stress put on their integration in the system of modern field analysis. The central part of the article is acquaintance with the results obtained in research, development and production of detection tubes in the period 1993-2008. Selected detection tubes for nerve, blister and choking agents as well as generally toxic and incapacitating (irritating and psychoactive) agents are described. A new chemical detector (CH-5) introduced to armament of the Czech Army is also mentioned. Further development in this field is discussed.


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