Use of Bioethanol in Combustion Engines

Page: 122

Jan Hromádkoa, Jiří Hromádkob, P. Milera, V. Höniga , and P. Štěrbac

a Technical Faculty, Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague, b Ministry of Environment, Prague, Czech Republic, c TÜV SÜD Auto CZ Co.


According to the EU directives, bioethanol is added to automobile gasoline. The E85 fuel contains 85 % of bioethanol and 15 % of Natural 95 gasoline. In compression-ignition engines, the use of bioethanol is distinctively lower, the E95 fuel is predominating. Double-fuel systems with separate tanks of ethanol and diesel or with their direct mixing are also used. It is envisaged that the bioethanol proportion in fuels will increase at the expense of fossil fuels. A most pronounced increase in bioethanol use can be expected after development of second-generation biofuels.


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