Possibility of Exploitation of Mud from Alumina Production

Page: 114

M. Schwarz, V. Lalík, and M. Vanek

Department of Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Technical University, Zvolen, Slovakia


Sludge from alumina production represents a serious hazard for environment due to its caustic nature, heavy metal leaching and ground water contamination. Its potential exploitation has been investigated in the last decade. Although a major part of the sledge ends in sledge basins, there are many examples of sledge utilization. The present review describes its utilization e.g. in metallurgy as well as in building, chemical, glass and ceramic industries. The sledge is used in agriculture for remediation of contaminated soil and in treatment of liquid wastes. Red mud is used as a catalyst in organic technology or as an adsorbent. No significant toxic effects of red mud on multiple trophic levels was observed.


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