Polysulfobetaines: Synthesis, Properties in Aqueous Systems and Applications

Page: 918

P. Sobolčiak, P. Kasák, and I. Lacík

Polymer Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava


Polysulfobetaines are an important class of water- soluble polymers suitable for biomedical applications due to their antifouling properties. Polysulfobetaines are zwitterionic polymers containing both positive and negative charges in every monomeric unit of the polymers. They show an improved water solubility, increased viscosity and disruption of their associated structures in the presence of simple electrolytes. The electrolytes, the charged polymer and temperature show a significant effect on properties of polysulfobetaines in aqueous solutions as well as on surfaces. Their bioapplications such as in protection of surfaces against biofouling are reviewed.


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