Estimation of Selected Pollutant Emissions from Solid-Fuel Combustion in Small Heating Appliances

Page: 851

J. Horáka, F. Hopana, M. Šycc, P. Machálekb, K. Krpeca, T. Ocelkad, and T. Tomšejd

a Energy Research Center, Technical University, Ostrava, bInstitute of Chemical Process Fundamentals, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague, c Emissions and Sources Department, Czech Hydrometeorological Institute,Prague, d Department of Hygienic Laboratories, Institute of Public Health, Ostrava


Solid-fuel combustion in small heating appliances produces notable quantities of pollutants. Emission levels of pollutants are estimated using emission factors and fuel consumption data. Emission factors for small heating appliances depend, among others, on the fuel type, appliance design, fuel loading and operation conditions. At present, it is necessary to confront the used emission factors with the current state of knowledge. A large diferences of emission factors is illustrated on examples of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and polychlorinated dibenzodioxines/dibenzofurans (PCDD/F) obtained from published sources. Different values of emission factors cause a high uncertainty of calculated emission inventories and emissions from particular sources.


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