Atmosphere near the Highway D1 and Its Effect on Neighbouring Spruce Forest Stands

Page: 778

F. Skácela, T. Müllerováb, P. Cudlínb, and V. Tekáča

a Department of Gas, Coke and Air Protection, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, b Institute of System Biology and Ecology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, České Budějovice


Ozone and NOx concentrations in the ambient air and rainfall were measured in different distances (40 900 m) from heavy-traffic-loaded highway D1 near Prague. In addition, their influence on the health of Norwegian spruce (Pice abies (L.) Karst.) forest stands was estimated. Atmospheric measurement proved that only vehicles mo¬ving up affect the air quality in a distance up to 50 m. Though no statistically significant differences in crown parameters were found, some indicators of long-term stress impact showed a big stress load on the site A1 situated only 40 m from the highway.


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