Salty and Metallic Taste of Natural Compounds and Their Derivatives

Page: 761

L. Opletala, Z. Wimmerb,c, J. Čopíkovád, O. Lapčíkb, J. Moravcováb, L. Cahlíkováa, and P. Drašarb

a Department of Pharmaceutical Botany and Ecology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Charles University, Hradec Králové, b Department of Carbohydrate Chemistry and Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, c Institute of Experimental Botany AS CR, Isotope Laboratory, Prague, d Department of Chemistry of Natural Compounds, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague


A brief survey of the naturally occurring compounds and their derivatives with salty taste aims to show the importance of this group of renewable materials, to contri¬bute to the knowledge of the biodiversity of secondary metabolites that can be utilized, among others, in food and pharmaceutical industry. The article is also aimed as a teaching tool for teachers and students. Mainly from the patent literature it may be seen that this topic is very actual.


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