High Doses of Vitamin A in Embryogenesis and Postnatal Antioxidant Status of Rat Liver

Page: 46

P. Patleviča, J. Vaškováa, L. Vaškoa, J. Guzya, and D. Kluchováb

a Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Medicinal Biochemistry and Labmed Co., b Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, Pavol Jozef Šafárik University, Košice. Slovakia


The aim of this study was to assess the antioxidant status of rat liver in various periods of postnatal development after affecting the pregnancy by high doses of vitamin A. Wistar rats of both sexes were used. Vitamin A (10 mg per kg of body weight) was administered to rats in gestation on days 8 through 10 per os. Biological activities of antioxidant enzymes were measured spectrophotometrically in experimental groups and controls. Superoxide dismutase showed a significant activity increase on postnatal day 7 in the experimental group. The glutathione peroxidase activity was highest on postnatal day 7 and showed a significant increase on day 14 in the experimental group. Glutathione reductase activity significantly increased only on days 1 and 21 and decreased on day 7. The glutathione content remained relatively constant in both groups although a slight depletion on day 7, in parallel to enzyme activities, suggested a higher level of oxidative stress. Our results demonstrate that hypervitaminosis A in pregnancy does not influence the postnatal antioxidant status.


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