Reducing Emissions from the Incineration of Biomass in the Boiler

Page: 876

J. Mullerováa, S. Hlochb, and J. Valíčekc

aUniversity of Žilina, Slovak Republic, bDepartment of Technology Systems Operation, Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies of Technical University of Košice with the seat in Prešov, Slovak Republic, cInstitute of Physics, Mining and Geological Faculty, VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic


A method for reducing emission from combustion of biomass in the boiler MA 23 is described. The emissions are affected by the construction of the boiler. The effect is based on the secondary air distribution by application of special system of the secondary air supply system. The resulting effect is based on an even distribution of the secondary air. A special construction of the secondary air feeding is described. The improving effect results in a decrease of the carbon monoxide emissions and the NOx emissions.


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