Testing Selected Factors Influencing Nitrification of Sludge Water

Page: 343

P. Švehlaa, P. Jeníčekb, J. Habarta , A. Hanč, a and J. Balíka

a Department of Agro-environmental Chemistry and Plant Nutrition, Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague; b Department of Water Technology and Environmental Engineering, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague


The influence of sludge age, ammonia and nitrite concentrations, temperature and the ammonia loading rate on biological treatment of reject water from sludge treatment was tested on laboratory scale. Nitrification of ammonia in reject water at the sludge age 4–5 days produced nitrites and nitrates. At high concentrations of ammonia and nitrites, nitrates were produced. The nitrification proceeds almost completely at 10 °C. The high ammonia loading rate seems to be most efficient of the tested factors, leading to nitrite accumulation.


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