Application of Modern Reversed Phases Based on Zirconium Dioxide for the Analysis of Bioactive Peptides

Page: 334

L. Janečkováa, J. Sobotníkováa, E. Tesařováb, and Z. Bosákováa

Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science, aDepartment of Analytical Chemistry, bDepartment of Physical and Macromolecular Chemistry, Czech Republic


Separation of biologically active peptides was performed on polybutadiene (PBD) and polystyrene (PS) reversed phases based on zirconium dioxide. ZrO2 as an alternative carrier to silicagel offers ion-exchange interactions, which are useful for separation of ionizable compounds. The parameters like buffer concentration and pH, the amount of organic modifier and temperature affected separation of nonapeptides. The retention characteristics (retention factor, resolution, peak symmetry, separation efficiency) were investigated. The systems consisting of acetonitrile and phosphate buffer of basic pH were found suitable for separation of vasopressin-related peptides.


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