Early Warning Biosensors for Detection of Chemical Warfare Agents

Page: 302

Š. Bidmanováa,b, M. Pohankac, J. Cabalc, Z. Prokopa,b, and J. Damborskýa,b

a Loschmidt Laboratories, Institute of Experimental Biology and National Centre for Biomolecular Research, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University, Brno, b Enantis Ltd., Brno, c Faculty of Military Health Sciences, University of Defense, Hradec Králové


Chemical warfare agents are toxic compounds showing negative effects on living organisms. This review focuses on detection of nerve and blister agents, which are two most important classes of chemical warfare agents. Main attention is paid to the construction and use of biosensors. Acetylcholinesterase, butyrylcholinesterase and phosphotriesterase are presented as convenient biorecognition components of biosensors for detection of nerve agents, while dehalogenases are useful for detection of mustard agents.


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