Influence of Road Salts on the Processes in Activation Tanks of Wastewater Plants

Page: 257

E. Horniaková, T. Bakalár, and M. Búgel

Institute of Mining Sciences and Environment Protection, Faculty of Mining, Ecology, Process Management and Geotechno¬logies, Technical University, Košice, Slovak Republic


During snow melting, road salts get into the sludge in wastewater treatment. Chemical composition of solids in the activation tank changes depending on microorganism metabolisms and chemical composition of inflow wastewater. The electric conductivity in activation tanks as well as intracellular pressure in microorganisms increase. The amount of ammonia nitrogen in the settling tank also increases. The sedimentation of sludge decreases and the outflow water remains turbid. In the activated tank, the content of mixed road salts is 0.5 g l-1.


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