Structural Investigation of Glucan Complexes Isolated from Phellinus and Inonotus Wood Fungi

Page: 236

M. Novák, A. Synytsya, A. Veselá, G. K. Gomba, and J. Čopíková

Department of Carbohydrate Chemistry and Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague


The structure of glucan complexes isolated from fruit bodies of medicinal white-rot fungi Phellinus and Inonotus spp was investigated. Water-soluble fractions contained ?- and ?-glucans, glucose and other sugars (mannose, galactose, xylose and arabinose). FTIR spectra confirmed the presence of ?- and ?-polysaccharides (mostly glucans), uronic acids, some proteins and aromatic compounds. The water-soluble fractions of the Inonotus fruit bodies were structurally different from those of Phellinus sp. Water-soluble polysaccharides constituted only a minor part of the fruit bodies, while a chitin - glucan complex together with aromatic polymers made the basis of insoluble cell-wall residues. Complex structure of the water-soluble fractions was also investigated by TGA and DSC.


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