Hydrogen Production by Water Electrolysis Using Photovoltaic Solar Module

Page: 122

A. Klenovčanová, T. Brestovič, and I. Imriš

Department of Energy Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University, Košice, Slovak Republic


Fossil fuels as energy sources, in particular oil and natural gas, are running out. Another problem associated with their use is the carbon dioxide production. To avoid the problems the methods of using and producing energy must be changed. Attention is currently devoted to production of hydrogen by water electrolysis in electrolyzers with proton-exchange membranes. The required electric energy is obtained from solar photovoltaic modules with amorphous silicon. The efficiency of the electrolysis and total recovery of hydrogen production have been calculated. The hydrogen thus obtained can be directly used for heat production by combustion or via fuel cells for electricity and heat production.


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