Interpretation of Chemical Formulae Using Web Service

Page: 1029

P. Horovčák, D. Dugáček, and P. Cirbes

Institute of Control and Informatization of Production Processes, Institute of Geosciences, Faculty of Mining, Ecology, Process Control and Geotechnology, Technical University, Košice


Accurate minerals’ chemical formulas interpretation in websites requires an adequate working out of their representation. Within the latest approaches and technologies lies a Service Oriented Architecture, realized predominantly by Web Service. The paper is devoted to SOA utilization in problem solution of chemical formulas interpretation in internet environment by creation for this purpose intended web service. The web service calling on client side requires the service instantiation creation and subsequently calling of appropriate function in form: $urlwsdl=''; $ws = new SoapClient ($urlwsdl); $result = html_entity_decode($ws->getChemForm($formula)); where $formula contains formula input string in an ASCII form and $urlwsdl is a service‘s WSDL file address. The application functionality is documented by its calling in testing website ( Web service utilization is real everywhere where is necessary to present chemical formula on web site. Designed web service is disposable free of charge for the possible persons concerned.


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