Determination of the Thickness of Tablet Coating by Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

Page: 41

J. Muselíka, K. Krejčováa, M. Rabiškováa, A. Bartošíkováa, M. Dračkováb, and L. Vorlováb

a Department of Pharmaceutics, b Institute of Milk Hygiene and Technology, University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Brno, Czech Republic


The aim of this study was to develop a fast and reliable method for determination of tablet coating thickness. Tablets were coated with polymeric Pharmacoat® 606 in a laboratory coater. The coating thickness was measured by near-IR absorption of the coating material using calibration. The calibration and validation results afforded the following parameters: determination coefficient R2 > 0.97, the number of factors 6 and the standard error of cross-validation 5.4 μm at the coating thickness 25–125 μm. The obtained results confirmed suitability of the method for evaluation of coating quality.


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