Phospholipid Degradation: Making New from the Old

Page: 704

M. Šimočková and P. Griač

Institute of Animal Biochemistry and Genetics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Ivanka pri Dunaji, Slovak Republic


Phospholipases are enzymes catalyzing controlled hydrolysis of phospholipids. The enzymes are major regulators of membrane lipid composition. In addition, phospholipase-mediated hydrolysis of phospholipids is an important source of vital signalling molecules. Hydrolytic properties of an increasing number of phospholipases are utilized in pharmaceutical and food industries. New lipid products could be prepared by the action of phospholipases in more efficient and more environment-friendly processes than those traditionally used. With the advances in protein engineering, modified phospholipases with desired new properties could be produced in microorganisms and thus their potential applications could be extended.


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