Enterobacter sakazakii alias Cronobacter sakazakii – A New Menace ?

Page: 641

K. Demnerová and J. Pazlarová

Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague


This survey informs about the ubiquitous opportunistic pathogen Enterobacter sakazakii. Its main biochemical and physiological characteristics including resistance to desiccation and to heat are presented. The newest results of taxonomy based on detailed analysis of 16S rRNA, which led to renaming the organism as Cronobacter sakazakii, are mentioned. Majority of E. sakazakii outbreaks have been strongly associated with contaminated powdered infant formula (PIF). The E. sakazakii contamination of PIF may be due to introduction of the organism during manufacture or may result from the use of contaminated utensils and poor hygiene in the preparation of PIF. According to an EC directive, all PIFs based on milk powder must be tested for the presence of E. sakazakii.


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