The Influence of Buffer on Self-Assembling Properties of Micelles

Page: 315

H. Strnadová and L. Kvítek

Department of Physical Chemistry, Palacký University, Olomouc


The values of CMC (critical micellar concentration) for buffered surfactant solutions used in separation methods in analytical chemistry, especially in MEKC, were studied by conductivity, surface tension and viscosity measurements. The study involved solutions of representative anionic (SDS), cationic (CTAB), and non-ionic (TX100, GX080) surfactants. The data measured for aqueous solutions were in good agreement with the published data. The data for buffer solutions confirmed theoretical presumptions – the CMC values decreased with increasing ionic strength of the solutions. In contrast, viscoelastic properties of the solutions of surfactants were not significantly influenced by the ionic strength or pH of the solutions.


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