A Device for Determination of Vapour Sorption in Polymers

Page: 310

O. Vopičkaa, V. Hyneka, K. Friessa, M. Šípeka, and P. Syselb

a Department of Physical Chemistry, Polymer Department, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague


The principle of the device consists in measuring the mass of vapour sorbed in a sample as a function of time using the McBain spiral balance monitored by a camera system. Absolute pressure is monitored by a capacitance pressure gauge. The maximum amount of the sample is limited to 0.5 g and the mass change sensitivity threshold is 10 μg. The device makes it possible to measure sorption kinetics with good accuracy. As an example, the kinetics of sorption of p-xylene vapours by low-density polyethylene membrane was measured and the resulting sorption isotherm was determined.


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