Preparation of SERS-Active Copper Substrates by Cathodic Reduction and Evaluation of their Structure by Atomic Force Microscopy

Page: 246

A. Kokaislováa, S. Brázdováa, V. Prokopeca, M. Člupeka, J. Čejkováb, and P. Matějkaa

a Department of Analytical Chemistry, b Department of Chemical Engineering, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague


Copper substrates active in surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) were prepared by cathodic reduction, using a massive platinum target as cathode. Two electrochemical baths (with 16-sulfanylhexadecanoic acid or 4-aminobenzene-1-¬thiol) and several steps with different current densities were tested. For testing SERS activity of the prepared substrates, model analytes were deposited from their methanolic solutions on the surface of each substrate. After deposition, Raman spectra of substrate surface were measured. If the substrate was SERS-active, the model analyte could be detected at monolayer level. Average roughness of substrate surface was evaluated and surface morphology was imaged using atomic force microscopy.


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