Determination of the Serum Osteocrin Concentration by a New ELISA Method

Page: 915

D. Stejskala, M. Švestáka, H. Kotolováb, M. Karpíšekb, K. Adamcovác, L. Sporováa, and P. Hejduka

a Department of Laboratory Medicine.Hospital, Šternberk, b Veterinary Faculty, Brno, Czech Republic, c Gnosis Ltd., Slovak Republic


The osteocrin (musculin) concentration in blood serum was recently identified as a parameter of energetic homeostasis and bone modulation. At present, however, there are no valid data on osteocrin concentrations in serum and no routine method of its analysis in humans. The development and validation of a new ELISA method for osteocrin determination in serum and its testing in individuals with metabolic syndrome are described. It has been found that the osteocrin values are not able to differentiate between individuals with metabolic syndrome and controls. The serum osteocrine is probably not a useful marker for metabolic syndrome diagnosis.


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