Screening Control of Transport of Element Contaminants in the Environment

Page: 506

V. Vojteková, J. Nováková, H. Šoltýsová, and D. Mackových

Department of Analytical Chemistry, P. J. Šafárik University, Košice, Slovakia


A rapid single-step method of extraction of a number of elements (Cd, Pb, Cu, Cr, Ni, Co, Hg, As, Sb, Al, Fe, Mn, Zn, Ca a Mg) with a Na2EDTA solution was developed and compared with a reference method. A single-step extraction with a 0.05 mol l−1 Na2EDTA was used. The extraction with Na2EDTA was compared with the recommended extraction. After optimization, the element amounts extracted with Na2EDTA are in good accordance with the sum of the acid-extractable and “reducible” extraction step of the BCR protocol. Therefore the economically viable and time-saving Na2EDTA extraction can serve as a supplementary test for the BCR-recommended extraction procedure and as rapid indication of changes in element mobility in sedimentary (soil) systems. Usually, such information about element pollution could be sufficient for decision-making in environmental protection.


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