Selection of a Spectrochemical Additive in the Evaporation Study in the Frame of Optimization of a New Spectrometric Tandem Method

Page: 453

S. Ružičková and M. Matherny

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Metallurgy, Technical University, Košice, Slovak Republic


The effective way of optimization of analytical calibration is the use of spectrochemical additives, which have a considerable influence on the effective ionization potential of plasma and on the intensity of the excited spectral lines of the analyzed elements. The additives also show a carrier effect, i.e., they accelerate evaporation of the elements. The phenomenon has a positive influence not only on the detection of the elements but also on the accuracy of the method. AgCl and AgF were used as spectrochemical additives. Their influence on chlorination and fluorination of the oxidic matrix as well as on the increase in the conductivity of the DC evaporation plasma was studied. The experiments were carried out using a special spectroscopic tandem device consisting of an evaporation cell with a DC arc, excitation source (Marinković plasma source) and a LECO-750 spectrometer. A statistical method of exploratory analysis was used in processing of the obtained data.


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