The Effect of Oil Composition on Deposit Formation During a Long-Term Storage

Page: 439

L. Darebník, P. Straka, D. Maxa, and G. Šebor

Department of Petroleum Technology and Alternative Fuels, The Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague


The paper deals with assessment of the crude oil tendencies to deposit formation. Model mixtures for experimental studies were prepared using REB crude oil enriched with substances isolated from two types of crude oil deposits. The formation of deposits in sedimentation cylinders placed in thermostat was followed for 18 days. Then, samples were taken from 10 layers of the cylinder content with a special sampling device. The samples were analyzed to evaluate the distribution of n-alkanes. The results proved that not only the content and composition of n-alkanes, but also of other classes of components are responsible for deposit formation during storage. The research will be oriented on the role of asphaltenes.


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