New Method of Characterization of Limestones Used in Kettles with Fluid Layer for Desulfurization of Combustion Products

Page: 188

P. Buryana, J. Vejvodaa, P. Chalupaa, M. Maryškaa, J. Krátkýb, and L. Veverkab

a Department of Gas Manufacture, Coke Chemistry and Atmosphere Protection, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, b Energetika Ltd. Kladno


A new reliable two-step method for the prediction of limestone reactivity in desulfurization of coal combustion products in fluid kettles. In the first step the limestone is calcined with coal, in the second step the rate of the reaction of the mixture with sulfur dioxide in a tubular reactor is measured. The results of the method better correspond to the behaviour of limestone in industrial kettles with a fluid layer.


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