Application of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy in Studies of Organic Matter in Soil

Page: 1100

G. Barančíková

Research Institute for Soil Science and Preservation, Bratislava, Slovak Republic


13C, 15N and 31P NMR have proved to be useful tools for the examination of structures of organic materials in soil (SOM). The method has been used to study chemical changes of SOM and its components such as humic and fulvic acids. NMR greatly enhanced the understanding of all areas of SOM research, including the nature of decomposition, the effects of cultivation and interaction of SOM with xenobiotics and metals. 13C NMR plays the most important role in SOM investigation. However, also 31P NMR spectroscopy provides particular characteristics of P compounds in SOM. The importance of 15N NMR in studies of SOM and dynamics of soil nitrogen is increasing.


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