Determination of Iridium in Meteorites by Coincidence Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis

Page: 327

I. Ndiayea,b, M. Vobeckýa,c, S. Pospíšila, J. Jakůbeka, T. Holýa,b

a Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics, Czech Technical University, Prague, b Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Czech Technical University, c Institute of Analytical Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic


Analytical application of the coincidence instrumental neutron activation analysis (NAA) was demonstrated on a sample of the Morávka meteorite (2000). The use of the strongest low-energy coinciding γ-lines of 192Ir has shown a significantly enhanced resolution power of the detection system as well as improved selectivity with respect to the accurate Ir determination compared with conventional single-detector instrumental NAA, even for highly active samples. Comparison of the results with those obtained by similar types of analysis has shown not only a high degree of correspondence, but also highlighted some advantages of the new method.


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