Kinetics of Leaching of Pollutants from Metallurgical Wastes

Page: 165

Jana Seidlerová, Hana Otoupalíková, Martina Nováčková

Department of Materials Chemistry, Mining Technical University, Ostrava


Kinetics of leaching of Cd, Pb, Zn, chlorides, fluorides and sulfates from arch furnace dust and from production of cast iron were examined without and with moderate stirring according to a prescribed method. The test method is not correct as the amount of leached Cd, Pb and Zn may decrease with increasing leaching time. Based on the test, the evaluated waste may be classified into a less dangerous class of leachability and deposited in a less protected waste dump. For assessment of potential environmental danger of waste during dumping, it would be more appropriate to determine the amount of pollutants in easily extractable forms.


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