Utilization of By-Products of a Steam Cracking Unit

Page: s53

J. Lederera, T. Herinkb, and P. Fulínb

a Research Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Department for refining and petrochemical research, Ústí nad Labem, b Chemopetrol a.s., Litvínov – Záluží


The research activities of Chemopetrol/VÚAnCh in the area of steam cracking by-products utilization are described. The main attention is paid to the treatment of pyrolysis gasoline and pyrolysis oil to obtain a feed for aromatic hydrocarbon resins. The two-column system for the production of tailor-made cuts for syntheses of different resins is described. The process for a separation of dicyclopentadiene of various purities is mentioned, as well.


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