Using of Biomass Like a Renewable Energy Source

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S. Skobliaa, D. Tenkráta, M. Voseckýa,b, M. Pohořelýb, M. Lisýc, M. Balašc, and O. Prokeša

a Dept. of Gas, Coke and Air Protection, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, b Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, c Dept. of Power Engineering, Brno University of Technology


Biomass surely represents the main RES in present time both in the Czech Republic and in the whole world. The key topics of its practical utilization are from one side its availability and price, and from the other unavailability of cheap and effective technology of electric energy production. This contribution deals first of all these critical questions, describes present situation and last but not least discusses prospects of future development. Biomass gasification with following utilization of produced gas for electricity production via modern processes with higher efficiency in comparison with classical combustion cycles can be according to us the most suitable technology for this aim. Produced gas can be used among others for production of liquid and gaseous synthetic fuels, which can be used as substitute of fossil fuels. The development of an effective and low-cost cleaning process is therefore the basic task of present time.


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