Adsorption of Copper and Zinc from Aqueous Solution on Mg(OH)2

Page: 803

N. Strnadová and D. Matějková

Department of Water Technology and Environment, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague


Mg(OH)2 was shown to be efficient in removal of copper and zinc from aqueous solutions. Metal removal capacity of Mg(OH)2 for Cu2+ was higher than that for Zn2+. Adsorption data for copper and zinc in batch systems have been obtained. The Langmuir and Freundlich isotherm models adequately describe the adsorption process. The measured data obey the Freundlich isotherm in all cases. The use of a non-linear curve or Origin 6.0 Professional is of advantage because it is possible to calculate the Langmuir isotherm constants directly from the measured equilibrium concentrations.


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