Fungal Cell Wall ? Challenge for the Search of New Antimycotics

Page: 433

M. Mazáňa, K. Mazáňováb, and V. Farkaša

a Institute of Chemistry, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, b Institute of Biochemistry and Genetics of Animals, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Ivanka pri Dunaji, Slovakia


The microorganism cell wall is a solid but dynamic structure, which is essential for the life of cells in a changing environment. Chemical composition of the fungal cell wall differs from those of surface structures of mammalian cells and plant cell walls; hence, the fungal cell wall is an ideal target organelle for a new generation of more efficient and less toxic antimycotics. For that reason it is important to know the composition of fungal cell wall, how its components are synthesized and how their biosynthesis is regulated. The review summarizes the present state of knowledge of the yeast cell wall and its biosynthesis.


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